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Chelsea Farms Alpacas is proud to announce the purchase of the Latah Creek Alpacas herd.
The Armstrongs
Randy and Beth Brealey



Thank you for visiting our website!

With the acquisition of the Latah Creek Alpacas suri herd, Chelsea Farms moves to the forefront of the suri breeding industry in North America with a world class collection of suri genetics specifically selected and bred to create one of the best known and respected suri herds world wide.

The Latah Creek motto "In Continual Pursuit of Perfection" reflected their goal of creating a genetically homozygous suri herd that constantly produced the "Ideal Suri Alpaca" and to continue to advance them further. We shall not stray from those objectives as we are "Continuing the Pursuit of Perfection"

The database underlying this website uses production records such as fleece histograms, annual shear weights, staple growth rates and skin biopsy results as a basis for evaluation of progress towards our goals.

To aid in your alpaca selection process, most of this information is readily available to you for not only the alpaca you are researching, but for its relatives as well.

Latah Creek and Chelsea Farms suris have performed very well in the show ring for years, consistently winning numerous Championship awards. This site easily navigates links to related suris so you can view all available production records, show results and photos of closely related alpacas.

Welcome and enjoy this remarkable aid to your suri research. Don't hesitate to call or write if there is any additional assistance we can add.

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   AWE Fleece Winners  

Huacaya Herd for Sale!

Although Chelsea Farms has bred both suris and huacayas for 13 years, you will note that this website is dedicated exclusively to the suri. The remainder of our huacayas, and these are the ones we saved until last, are for sale and can be found on our AlpacaNation page.


Featured Alpaca

: LCA Lightning Strike

Chelsea Farms does well in the fleece show too!



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Female Suri Alpacas
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